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So glad you're back!! Yay! When should we expect a new chapter then? - from Anonymous

Sometime tomorrow! Xo


think: man, this fic is so bad.
keep reading.

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imo, a fic doesn’t need sex to be good

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make a typo
immediately wish to gnaw off the arm that was responsible for it 

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Jason Cross’ Student ID

I MISS U COME BACK 2 US - from Anonymous

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

Chapter 4
Jason: Mm. The air smells like bitch. Fill me in.

Outfit Guide: Jason Cross, Chapter 4 (ITS)

Shirt | Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Blue Western in Blue/Red | $125

Pants | BLK DNM Jeans 5 in Stanton Blue | $150

Shoes | Jimmy Choo Flannel & Shearling Hi-Top Sneaker in Anthracite | $795

Watch | Gucci G Chrono Extension Watch in Black | $4,595

Chapter 4: The Next Conquest

He still couldn’t figure out what it was about her. He was torn between her spicy-but-sweet disposition and her seeming lack of interest in him. Because in the entire time she had been in the cafeteria he’d snuck at least eleven glances at her table, and she’d looked over, what, zero?

Seven, actually. But he didn’t know that.

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do you ever read the first line of a fic and think nope nope nope

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